The Secret Lake Crossword Puzzle

The Secret Lake – A puzzle for young adventurers!

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The Secret Lake puzzle

Clues across

1   What is Emma’s best friend’s name?

2    What do Emma and Sophie say instead of ‘mum’ or ‘mummy’?

4    The name used for the style of curled hair seen on Edwardian girls such as Sophie and Emma.

5    What does Tom’s arm slip down when they are crawling around inside the bush?

10  What does Mrs Moon give to Stella near the end of the story?

13  What is Emma carrying when she finds the children hiding in the house at night?

14  What is Jack doing when Stella and Tom first see him?

15  What is Jack’s father’s name?

17  What is Miss Walker’s job?

18  Where do the children hide when they break into the house at night and hear someone coming?

19  What do the children find at the bottom of the tunnel?

20  Where did Stella and Tom live before London?

21  What does Stella give to Jack before they return to the present time?

Clues down

1   What do Tom and Stella first see when they jump down from the tunnel and tree?

2   What does Tom love digging which always gets him into trouble?

3   What is the name of the eldest Gladstone sister in past time?

6   What is the name given in the story to the bits of tree sticking out that the children cling on to when climbing down?

7   Who is the grumpy present-day gardener?

8   What is the name of the bushes in Stella and Tom’s gardens?

9   What do Sophie and Emma, like many young Edwardian girls, wear in their hair?

11  What is the name of Mrs Moon’s dog?

12  What time of day do the children first go to look for Harry in their pyjamas?

16  Tom uses this to engrave his initial inside the chimney.

18  Where does Crawly put Jack after he catches him?

Click here to download and print The Secret Lake puzzle in Word

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